What Really Matters

I literally stared at the three words in this title before I could even start writing. “What Really Matters” is unique to us individually. I have had my own little ephiphanies lately about the topic. The constant life versus work battle leaves one with much to think about. I watched an old Nicholas Cage movie called “The Family Man” with my wife yesterday. It’s a great movie, one that I had not seen in some time. The lesson in the movie speaks for itself and it is summed up in the title of this post.

The past couple of months have been quite the whirlwind for me. I had family over in the Alabama and Tennessee area that were affected by the tornadoes that devastated many people’s lives at the end of April. To put it succinctly work just dried up for them butWhat really matters in leadership the bills of course never go away. Long story short they wound up moving in with me at the beginning of May. Over the last month and a half I spent a lot of time doing all that I could to help my family out. We found them a place to rent and then spent a fair bit of time renovating and cleaning it up. I went over to Tennessee to pick up a moving truck and haul all their things over here.  At any given time there was more than double the usual occupants in my home.  The end of last week they were able to move in and start a new chapter in their lives.

I will be honest with you I have never been so tired in my whole life. In order to take care of what really matters you have to step completely outside of yourself and put everything on the line. Pushing myself to the brink each day did not come without its share of consequences. When you focus on what really matters there are always casualties in other aspects of life. But does that really matter? When we translate that down to our business life do we have the ability to take a pen and paper and write three things down that really matter about our business? Has your definition of what really matters changed over time?

When it comes right down to it there really should be only one thing that really matters. People. Whether it’s our family or our teammates, they should be the focus and believe that we feel that they really matter. Nothing else matters. As Nicholas Cage highlighted in the end of his movie, the me-ism is just plain empty and shallow. Life is experienced through people and that is what really matters.

I am sure there are much more finite points to discuss on this topic.  What really matters to you?  I would love your read your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by Jonathan Saar


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Jonathan Saar is the CEO of Market Me Social. You can follow along or contact Jonathan on Twitter via @JonathanSaar, Linkedin Jonathan Saar or on Google+.

  • C Poole

    Great post Jonathan! You are so right in our hustle, bustle world People are what matter the most! Thanks for sharing. Cyndee

    • http://www.thetrainingfactor.com/ Jonathan Saar

      Thanks so much Cyndee for taking the time to read my post.  I appreciate the little reminders daily that help me remember what matters.  It is good to reflect periodically.  Hope you are having a fantastic day! 

  • http://twitter.com/JudyHelfand JudyHelfand

    I can only imagine what you and your family have been going through these past weeks. I remember many years ago I reported directly to the president of a bank. One day he looked at me and said: “No matter what, THE most important thing in life is family.”  He didn’t have to say anything else…that statement summed up the essence of his being.

    Today, as I read your post, I thought of him. He was a good person. You are, too.


    • http://www.thetrainingfactor.com/ Jonathan Saar

      Judy that is an excellent experience.  Just by his statement it set him apart perhaps from many other people you have interacted with over the years.  That is what can define us and make our lives memorable.  When the leaders we deal with remember what matters most that translates down to so many unexpected benefits that will come naturally to sustain a company.  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience.  You have certainly always been one of my “good” people.  You rock! 

  • http://mbrewergroup.com mbrewer


    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours – may the new chapter be one filled with joy and thankfulness. 

    Much providence to you as well as it sounds like you’ve endured and are in need of some good old fashion R & R. 

    I am inspired by your notions of relationship and could not agree more. 

    Thanks for laying the personal stuff out there – it’s a nice reprieve from the business of the day. 

    Take care, 


    • http://www.thetrainingfactor.com/ Jonathan Saar

      Hey there my man thanks for being here today.  It was a busy but still happy time.  That situation and some others inspired the post.  Too often our vision and focus as leaders can be shifted by a numerical report at the end of the day.  This of course is an important part of business decisions it is by no means the singular point of the business universe.  You are one of those leaders that “get it” to me.  Thanks for being a powerful example out there to combat the evil lords. :) 

      I am with you on the R and R..hopefully in October.