Content Inspirations of a Socius Nerdius

I had the esteemed privilege to work with a cool group of bloggers last week. We talked a lot about blogging to build community, where inspirations come from and a host of other tidbits of conversation that was truly refreshing. What I absolutely loved was the overall enthusiasm and visionary approach this group had. One of the questions that came to me was where I come up with my content inspirations both on The Training Factor blog and my personal one.

I passed on a few names of bloggers whom I deeply appreciate but at the same time I realized that everyone is so unique and will receive their inspirations in different ways. So my message turned a bit towards them searching for what can be inspiring to them. Employing the five senses is absolutely critical to successful writing. I find myself when I am taking a walk, going shopping, having conversation with folks on and offline that I am already creating a blog post in my head. Everything around me in some wayContent inspirations for blogging touches me and spurns on those creative juices. Take this very post for example. It was completely inspired but a group of people that completely rock. They inspired me with their vision which in turn made me sit down and write about it.

I wrote a post not long ago on how even lint and marshmallows can be something that people are passionate about. When your heart is into something the content will come. The biggest thing I have learned since I started writing was the need to step outside of myself. Literally and figuratively I try and walk in others shoes in order to understand their perspective. I spend on average of 10-15 hours a week on research in order to make sure I am in tune with whatever subject I am working on.

You will hear of bloggers who use editorials. I am all for that. I love my little notepad that I use to jot down ideas and thoughts. A couple of blogging tools out there that I have been meaning to try out are Evernote and Simplenote. They are supposed to help organize your blogging efforts so they are on my “to try” list very soon. So I guess to be part of the Socius Nerdius club of bloggers you just have to get out of your chair. Schedule yourself some field trips and soak up the world around you. By doing this you will write in a manner that will inspire your readers and make them long for more.

I would love to hear from you on what you get your content inspirations from. What helps you continue to be creative and keeps your blog posts fresh and delicious?

Written by Jonathan Saar


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Jonathan Saar is the CEO of Market Me Social. You can follow along or contact Jonathan on Twitter via @JonathanSaar, Linkedin Jonathan Saar or on Google+.

  • mbrewer


    Thank you for the time you spent with us; we look forward to the fruit that will no doubt come as a result. It was awesome to hear your thoughts and ideas on the subject of blogging and especially the inspiration piece. 

    I love that you mention Evernote; I like that and the iPhone app: ReQall. They are great for recording a quick verbal note about things that might twist the idea mind node. 

    Take care and have a smashing week. 


    • Jonathan Saar

      Thank you for having me!  It was certainly the highlight of my month.  I need to check out that iPhone app.  All the best to you and your blogging team sir. 

  • Jessica

    Thank You Jonathan! It was well worth the 5am wake-up to catch a flight back to St. Louis. I really appreciated your feedback and I think your words of blogging wisdom made everyone a little more eager to get out there and create something amazing. Keep an eye on us as you are sure to be wowed! It was so great to meet you!

    • Jonathan Saar

      It was great meeting you too!  I am so looking forward to watching what you and the team continue to create.  I am glad I could be there to help.  Hope to see you soon! 

  • Victoria Polston

    I love this…scheduling “field trips” to soak in the world def helps

    • Jonathan Saar

      Thanks Victoria!  Glad you took a moment to share your feelings.  You made me start thinking about when my next field trip will be.  :)